Curriculum Senior KG

Curriculum Senior KG


Overall objective of preschool classes are to encourage children to pick the below and they are assessed formally and informally and required adjustments are made. Every child is unique and has different interest and learning pace.

Social and emotional development.
Gross motor development
Critical thinking and learning to make choices.
Creative work and constructing meaning to what they learn. (Learning how to learn)
Social skills and good habits
Reviewing skills
Social skills, clean habits and health and hygiene
Concept formation, language development, pre-math concepts,
Gross motor development,
Language development through role plays, storytelling.


HKG (Higher Kindergarten)  or Senior  KG is  second step to formal preschool education. In this class, students are taught by playing,  showing videos, reading books, making them write relevant contents, think logically, apply basic analytical concepts. and through explanation of real life and practical things and scenarios. They learn various elements of Mathematics, playing with numbers, language, when to use what, basic science and elements they encounter or will be encountering in environment.   They need to be familiarized and should acquainted with these elements and should be able to think logically, apply common knowledge and act proactively or reactively as the need be based on circumstances or need  be.

Note that the below are indicative topics for Senior KG. The detailed curriculum is exhaustive and it has more specific topics listed

Language Development

Rhymes with actions
Storytelling with props
General Conversation
Class Interaction
Flash Card Recognition
Show and Tell on varipus topics.
Action Words
Rhyming Words to Improve Listening Skills

Reading Skills

Pictures Reading
3- 5 Letter Words
Sight Words

Writing Skills

Tracing Patterns
Capital Letters
Small Letters /Cursive Letters
Three Letters Phonics Words
Dictation of 3-5 letter words
Sentences, Worksheets
Punctuation, Grammar


Sound of letters
Objects related to letters
Vowels and Consonants
Vowel words
Article a/an
This-That & These – those
One- Many
Rhyming words
Use of Genie boards, flash cards, oral interaction.

Mathematics Skills

Read and count(Oral Counting) 0 To 100
Writing Numbers 0 To 100
Matching with Quantities
Count and Tick/Circle/ Color the Correct Numbers, Etc.
Joining Dots/Missing Numbers
Shapes 2D and 3D
Completing Pattern.
Zero Activity - To Develop Concept of Numbers
Shapes -Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Polygon, Etc.
Maths Concept- Big Vs. Small; Tall Vs. Short; More Vs. Less; Front Vs. Back; Top Vs. Bottom;Full Vs. Empty; In Vs. Out, Etc.

Social Skills

Sitting Properly
Class Behavior
Helping Others
Sharing Things
Taking Care of Belongings
Using Magic Words
Respecting Teachers
Obeying Classroom Rules
Greeting friends, family members, others
Responding to basic question

General Knowledge

Knowledge of Environment- People, Places.
Living and Nonliving Objects
Application of knowledge through worksheets
Animals -Pet, Wild, Farm, Water/Land/Air
Animals and their sounds
Animals and their young ones.
Introducing different types of transport
Various public service ofifces- police station or Airports
Introduction to traffic rules and safety

Art & Craft
Other Activities
Physical Exercises

Information Technology and Digital World

Learning about computers, it’s usage.

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