LaMontez Difference

LaMontez Difference

Education Beyond @ On-Line Classroom 

LaMontez range of blended curriculum provides ample learning opportunities for the young minds taking care of their schooling from home.

It provides international curriculum for Kindergarten. It provides the flexibility to attend the classes from different time zones at the same time. It provides opportunity to have online Tuitions @ flexible hours. These allows for further development through a range of exciting activities. It also provides various extracurricular classes, from arts and crafts, dance and music to physical exercises, the activities encourage children to express and enjoy themselves while doing something new. The extracurricular  are also a great way for children to interact with kids from different age groups.

LaMontez International Preschool was established with the objective of making learning fun. We take pride in providing a vibrant, joyful, stimulating, nurturing and secure learning environment that is conducive to the development and self-esteem of our children. We utilize both Montessori and a blended Integrated curriculum in all of our teaching programs.

The academic and non-academic learning approach at LaMontez school is based on the objectives of the early childhood education program. LaMontez’s curriculum is right blend of academic and non-academic activities and learning.

At LaMontez  we follow the activity, integrated, and play way approach and aims at providing a stimulating environment for intellectual, language, social, emotional and physical development of the child. It provides school-readiness for the child and prepares him/her with necessary concepts and skills for later learning of reading, writing and mathematics in primary grades.

LaMontez’s core pillars


Basics of the LaMontez curriculum

Suitable for development: By focusing on areas of development designed to suit children's development and learning styles, we provide opportunities for children to learn and practice newly acquired skills.

Bloom's classification: The child is guided from lower thoughts, including memory and application, to higher ideas, including analysis, evaluation and integration/creation

Multiple intelligence and Learning Style: We focus various pattersn including the eight intelligences that allow children to demonstrate their understanding of content

Integrated, interdisciplinary and thematic learning: We integrate reading, math, music, movement and interpersonal skills in a subject-based curriculum.

Brain, energy and neuroscience research: When learning is inadvertently associated with the pleasure of building gratitude, personal habits, creative thinking, etc. (release of dopamine), it affects the subconscious.

Evaluation and monitoring
At LaMontez, evaluation and monitoring are closely linked to program goals, learning goals (as outlined in the plan), template worksheets, and report cards. There are three steps to collecting facts through observation, analysis and evaluation. We find facts and uses that data for future learning.
In our program, teaching and assessment are based on multiple intelligence theory, ensuring that it is both fair and real. This completes the teaching and learning cycle.

The best international online preschool  learning kit
At LaMontez, we believe that education is incomplete without teaching positive values ‚Äč‚Äčlike kindness and happiness. Parents love us because we teach our children to be caring and promote kindness. We value happiness. We celebrate the unique characteristics of your child.

All of this is covered in an International preschool learning toolkit that illustrates the strengths you and your child have. Educational standards have evolved in several ways over the past few years. That's why we are continually adopting new practices based on recommendations from our global team of education professionals.

So if your child wants to be smart and happy, LaMontez School is for you!


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