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LaMontez Online School-HomeSchooling

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About LaMontez Online Pre-School

LaMontez provides a fully digital, rich curriculum for students that features interactive software, live class sessions, and collaborative environments while giving teachers flexibility and control to maximize a student’s full potential. Students utilize our online curriculum for Education.

LaMontez Online School offers rich, challenging, and engaging online content. We offer live and recorded classes with the help of our certified online teachers. Our school offers rich, challenging, and engaging online content.

An Individualized Learning Plan is tailored for each student to ensure a customized program that fits the student’s unique strengths, weaknesses, learning styles and aptitudes.

Latest communication and learning technology enable individualized learning to happen anytime, anywhere. The online school provides daily lesson plans, as well as delivering announcements, online discussions, and communication and support tools to tie the experience together.

Personalized preschool, for everyone, from anywhere...

LaMontez’ Online Platform is a virtual preschool at home that provides e-learning for kids through Playschool, Junior KG and Senior KG Digital Classes following the philosophy of School at home. It is a remote learning approach that is a combination of online school classes and offline preschool activities at home. The student will have access to digital books and all related content from their home anytime and can follow homeschool preschool curriculum. This help parents in teaching at home and children learn. With LaMontez’ Online Platform, learning is available at your convenience.

Online classes and schooling is the need of the hour. Most parents across the world have switched to online classes for their preschoolers. What about you?

At LaMontez, we offer extracurricular classes online
As part of their class curriculum
Additional classes are also conducted after the school hours for children interested in those for kids in the late afternoons. Click here to access the Extra-Curricular Classes details

Our Goal: The purpose of the new digital learning program is to ensure that children learn the right content from the right teachers through the right platform, and secondly, to ensure that they are active not only academically and socially but also physically. We conduct virtual yoga, exercise and dance clasess. This allows children to interact with their peers and teachers and maintain ties.


Key Highlightes

Our Online School offers rich, vibrant, relevant and engaging online content with help of our qualified and experienced teachers.

We offer live and on demand recorded classes with the help of our qualified and experienced online teachers. The teachers We offer live and recorded teaching sessions with the help of our certified, highly qualified teachers.

Highlights of the LaMontez Virtual Education Program
A secure online training course with fun activity-based learning
The neuroscience curriculum is world-renowned for improving learning outcomes
Curriculum-based learning to enhance online learning sessions
A fun and engaging virtual classroom session to keep your child interested
Highly qualified education and leadership team

360-degree support: parents, children, staff

Regular sessions with parents about weekly lesson planning, preparation for specific sessions, and sharing of work that children are doing at the critical level
Virtual PTM apps for tracking school progress and next steps to ensure expectations and alignment of same
An extended session with webinars and parents to monitor the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the children and ease any concerns during the blockade
We have come together as an organization to continue our children's learning journey even in the COVID times.
Don't let your child lose the learning experience and achievements they deserve in their founding days. Register your child with LaMontez today and test the power of virtual preschool education.

Online Education and Virtual Lessons at LaMontez

Our virtual education system is energetic and fulfilling, from face-to-face sessions with qualified teachers to guest instructors and provides full access to digital books. We have well-planned resources to improve you and your children's well-being and improve immediate access to counsellors and educators. As before, online assessments and exams ensure that your training goals are met and exceeded.

Our goal is to enrich your child's physical and mental health. At LaMontez Preschool, learning and growth never cease.

Students enrolled in our program receive a quality, individualized education experience online, as per curriculum for each session.

How Online Learning Works: What our online school offers:

Online lessons, interactive activities, and teacher led virtual classroom sessions
Digital interactive curriculum
Textbooks* incorporated into the digital platform
Wide variety of assessment tools
Communication with teachers online
Guidance from a dedicated Homeroom Teacher / Academic Advisor to ensure students are making progress and are on track with their studies
Planned students activities and parent support as needed
Students are expected to complete their course work in accordance with the class calendar.

* Textbooks purchase may be required, which is at extra cost. The content of Textbooks are available in digital platform too.

Teacher -Student ratio: We maintain approx. 15 students in a class.

LaMontez Pre School

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