Junior kindergarten (LKG)

Lamontez has an exclusive Junior Kindergarten  or LKG for younger Pre-schooling kids to learn the content and subjects related to their age in interactive way of learning via Online Digital Platform for few hours a day, keeping the children engaged and enjoy the sessions.


It develops a habit of interacting with new people, making friends. The basic developmental needs of a child in the LKG age are catered to, with sheer honesty and affection towards the little tots blooming in our online playschool.


Junior KG Overall Objectives

Overall objective of preschool classes are to encourage children to pick the below and they are assessed formally and informally and required adjustments are made. Every child is unique and has different interest and learning pace.

                 Social and emotional development.

                 Gross motor development

                 Critical thinking and learning to make choices.

                 Creative work and constructing meaning to what they learn. (Learning how to learn)

                 Social skills and good habits

                 Reviewing skills

                 Social skills, clean habits and health and hygiene

                 Concept formation, language development, pre-math concepts,

                 Gross motor development,

                 Language development through role plays, storytelling.

Junior KG Curriculum

Click below for the details of “Junior KG-Curriculum”


               Junior KG -Curriculum

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